Our Practice
There are some kinds of problems that usually don't get solved unless someone files a lawsuit and starts going through litigation. Here are some of the types of problems we have successfully handled in the past.
Getting Fair Compensation for Injuries
* Brain and Central Nervous System Injuries
* Offshore and Maritime Injuries
* Automobile and Truck Accident Injuries
* Medical Injuries
* Death Cases
Class Actions
Jacque B. Pucheu, Jr. was one of the attorneys on the Plaintffs' Liason Committee that handled the Eunice Trail Derailment litigation and represented over ten thousand claimants against a railroad that failed to maintain its tracks and had a train wreck that caused the evacuation of thousands of area residents.
Enforcing Business Contracts
* You did the work -- Now how do you get paid?
* Oilfeld Liens and Similar Matters
* Collecting Money owed for other matters
* Business Lawsuits
* Franchise Lawsuits
* You bought a car or a peice of equipment that won't work and now what happens?
Forcing Insurance Companies To Pay What They Owe
* You buy insurance to protect yourself from unexpected events but when you make a claim against the insurance company do you know what happens? You can expect the company to treat you as if you are their enemy and to do anything it can to weasel out of paying you. Iinsurance companies love to take your premiums but they hate to pay claims. We have a lot of experince forcing insurance companies to honor their committments.
Disputes over Oil Gas & Mineral contracts
* You signed a mineral lease and now you think the company isn't paying you the right amount
* You did work for an oil company and don't think they paid you correctly
* There is an old well on your land and you can't get the company to clean it up
Probate Litigation and Related Matters
Divorce and Family Matters
Employment Related Litigation
* Employment contracts
* Employment Discrimination
* Group insurance and other benefits
Many legal problems don't involve litigation. You just want to make sure you get things right so you won't have more problems down the road.
Planning Your Business
* Starting and setting up a new business
* Dealing with issues in an existing business
Planning Your Estate
* Worried about taxes after your death
* Want to make sure your property goes to the people you want to get it
* Have a child who needs special care
* Have a family business or farm you want to pass on to your chilren -- without having them fight over it and without a forced sale
Successions, Probate and related matters
Real Estate Matters
* Buying or Selling Real Estate
* Mortgaging Property and Borrowing Money