About Us
Pucheu, Pucheu & Robinson is located at 106 Park in downtown Eunice, Louisiana, across from Eunice City Hall. We have been in the same location for over 53 years. We have trial experience in federal and state courts throughout Louisiana.
We strive for excellence in the delivery of legal services,with complete dedication to each client’s interests. In all our dealings, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard. We are committed to giving our best to our profession, our communities and our clients.
Our practice areas include:
Personal Injury Claims
* Traumatic Brain Injury
* Death Claims
* Yamaha Rhino Claims
* Offshore Injuries
* Automobile & Truck Accidents
* Train Wrecks
* Chemical Spills
Real Estate
* Real Estate Sales
* Real Estate Mortgages
* Title Insurance -- we are an authorized agent for First American Title Insurance
* Leases
* Representing landowners in oil & gas matters
Services for Businesses and Business Owners
* Planning for business expansion and buying equipment, land or other assets
* Planning to avoid disputes among owners of businesses
* Filing oil & gas liens and collecting for work done by oilfield contractors
* Filing construction liens and collecting for work done by contractors and subcontractors
* Representing franchise owners, tractor and equipment dealers, and similar businesses in contract disputes
* Representing shareholders or other owners in fights over control of a business
Making employers honor their commitments to their workers
* Helping retired or disabled workers when their employer or its insurance won't pay benefits under an ERISA plan
* Helping workers whose employers treated them unfairly because of their age, gender, religion or race