Pucheu, Pucheu & Robinson
Members and staff of Pucheu, Pucheu & Robinson, L.L.P.
Top row - Barbara Rider, Mike Robinson, John Pucheu, Jacque Pucheu, Jr., and Debbie Fontenot.
Botton Row - Ramona Vidrine, Melanie Harwell, Linda Ouellette, and Judy Vienne.
Who we are.
Welcome to the website of Pucheu, Pucheu & Robinson, L.L.P. We are a law firm founded by Jacque B. "Jack" Pucheu in 1950 and dedicated to helping people protect, preserve, enforce, and defend their legal rights. Our office is in Eunice, Louisiana and the current members of the firm are Jacque B. Pucheu, Jr., John Pucheu and Michael Robinson.

We take pride in our reputation as creative and hardworking lawyers dedicated to helpiing clients solve problems. We believe we have earned a good reputation by focusing on clients and on the best way to solve the problems they bring to us.

For over fifty-eight years, we have built solid relationships with clients by helping them solve their legal problems. Some problems are handled by preparation of contracts or other documents -- sometimes very short documents and sometimes very long documents. Other problems are solved by negotiations and meetings. Some problems can only be resolved by filing a lawsuit and going through the process known as litigation or trial. We do all of those things...and more.

Over the years, we have handled problems for thousands of clients ranging from matters as simple as one person selling a small piece of land to another to matters as complicated as the thousands of claims and millions of dollars of damages resulting from the Eunice Train Derailment.

We have handled a lot of complicated personal injury cases over the past decades. Although we presently focus on brain and spinal cord injuries, we have handled cases involving deaths and all sorts of injuries.

We have helped solve problems for families that worked together for generations and wanted to keep their propertiees and businesses together. We have also dealt with family relationships that dissolved into bitter court battles.

We have helped small oilfield contractors get paid for work they did and sued oil companies that "shorted" royalty owners. We have sued big companies that ignored people who were injured while working for them and companies that refused to honor contracts and committments they made to their own employees.

We mostly represent people - ordinary folks who need a lawyer to help them buy or sell land, to force an insurance company to pay a claim, to collect money someone owes them,to deal with a death in the family, and all sorts of other problems. We also represent businesses in our area that need a lawyer to carry out business deals, enforce contracts, plan for expansion or to buy or sell land, equipment, or even an entire company. We also represent a variety of area non-profit and religious organizations.

We don't represent insurance companies or large out of state corporations. In our experience, insurance companies and large businesses are often at the source of the problems our local clients ask us to help solve.
What we do.
We dedicate our resources and experience to zealously represent our clients so we are pretty selective in the cases we agree to handle. We don't believe in promising things we can’t deliver and we don’t believe in creating false expectations of recovery.

We don't agree to represnt every client who calls us. Sometimes people call us for help on matters we don't handle. Sometimes, people need immediate help and we are so busy with ongoing matters that we can't do justice to a new problem without being unfair to our existing clients. If we don't think we can get positive results that will help your problem, then we will be upfront and tell you what we can or cannot do.

If you ask us to help you with a legal problem, then we will carefully review the factual and legal issues of your problem. We will tell you whether we think we can help you and we will tell you what we will charge for our services. We will try to give you a reasonable idea of how long it will take for us to start working on your problem and our best estimate of how long it will take to complete our work.

If you hire us to handle an injury claim, then our usual fee is a percentage of what we collect for you. The amount of that percentage and how costs of litigation will be handled depends on the case. Our charges for most other litigation matters are based on hourly rates and we often require deposits for those matters. Our charges for simple real estate sales and some other matters are based on our own fee schedule.

If we agree to represent you, then we will promise to represent you zealously and ethically to the best of our ability. That’s been our commitment to our clients for over fifty-eight years and that’s the commitment we make to every client we agree to represent.

By the way, we don't just keep loyal clients. We believe keeping loyal support staff is a big ingredient in our success. We are mourning the recent death of Lula Mae Courville. "Miss Lou" began working for Jack Pucheu when he opened his practice in 1950. She worked as a full-time employee for over fifty years and continued to work part-time until her final illness.

Our current staff consists of legal assistants with many years of experince. (top row, left to right) Melanie Harwell, Barbara Rider and Debbie Fontenot (bottom row, left to right) Ramona Vidrine, Linda Ouellette, and Judy Vienne.